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We are team players!

If you are a fast learner, a sharpened critical thinker and enjoy working in teams you might be interested in the way we do stuff around here.

Our Principles

Three fundamental pillars shape our company culture: Mastery, Responsibility and Autonomy.

Mastery Mastery

We embrace the philosophy of fighting our own status-quo in everything we do.

Autonomy Autonomy

Everyone must be able to adapt and overcome every obstacle using our skills and information available. The best way to encourage these attitudes is through autonomy.

Responsibility Responsibility

We make decisions with responsibility because we are accountable for our actions.

Plataformatec way

Throughout time, since our first days, we've developed some practices that have been driving our team to success.

  • Retrospective ceremony Retrospective workshops

    Once in a while, we make a break from our projects routine to figure out ways to improve our process and practices.

  • Courses and conferences Budget for courses and conferences

    We also have a special budget available to take courses and go to events. So far we've been to US, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina for Ruby, Rails, Agile and Design conferences.

  • Team rotation meeting Teams rotation

    Periodically we redistribute our team among ongoing projects to provide them a wider range of experiences.

  • Hacking evenings audience Hacking evenings

    Every week someone from our team (or an external guest) presents a talk on different subjects like design, agile or software development.

  • Daily meetings Daily meetings

    In this meeting, we quickly comment on the projects we're working on and share the new things we've learnt.

  • We celebrate We celebrate!

    It is much more fun to celebrate great accomplishments with friends. That's why we're always hanging out together after working hours. Would you like to join us for pizza?! ;)


Software Developer - Ruby

Our engineers focus on delivering elegant and scalable solutions for web applications.

Software Developer - Elixir

Our engineers focus on delivering elegant and scalable solutions for web applications.

Agile Projects Managers

Our managers preach and pray about servant leadership that enables self-managing teams.

Product Marketing Specialist

Their mission is to understand and communicate Plataformatec’s value proposition and support our sales team with marketing assets.

Interested in working with us?

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