Crafting Rails 4 Applicationsby José Valim

Expert Practices for Everyday Rails Development

Superb—the most advanced Rails book on the market.

- Xavier Noria, Ruby on Rails consultant
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Crafting Rails 4 Applications

About the Book

Rails is one of the most extensible frameworks out there. This pioneering book deep-dives into the Rails plugin APIs and shows you, the intermediate Rails developer, how to use them to write better web applications and make your day-to-day work with Rails more productive.

Rails Core developer José Valim guides you through eight different tutorials, each using test-driven development to build a new Rails plugin or application that solves common problems with these APIs. You’ll learn how the Rails rendering stack works and customize it to read templates from the database while you discover how to mimic Active Record behavior, such as validations, in any other object. You’ll find out how Rails integrates with Rack, the different ways to stream data from your web application, and how to mix Rails engines and Sinatra applications into your Rails apps, so you can choose the most appropriate tool for the job. In addition, you’ll improve your productivity by customizing generators and responders.

This book will help you understand Rails’ inner workings, including generators, template handlers, internationalization, routing, and responders. With the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll create well-tested, modular, and robust solutions for your next project.

About the Author

José is the lead developer and co-founder of Plataformatec. He started working with Ruby and Rails in late 2006 and was invited to be part of the Rails Core Team in 2010 after his work on Rails 3 development. He's also author and maintainer of various other well-known open source projects that lead him to receive a Ruby Hero award in recognition for his contributions to the community. Lately, he's been flying around the globe giving talks and courses about Ruby and Rails.

José Valim


In Crafting Rails 4 Applications, José Valim showed me how to make Ruby on Rails dance. I write better code and waste less time fighting the framework because of the tricks he taught me. If you make a living with Ruby on Rails (or would like to), do yourself a favor and read this book.

- Avdi Grimm, Head chef, Ruby Tapas

This is easily the best continuing-education book for Rails that I have ever read. You learn how things work internally and how you can use that to your advantage when building Rails applications.

- James Edward Gray, Developer, Gray Software Productions Inc.

Crafting Rails 4 Applications is the best introduction to Rails internals out there. After reading it I quickly became a Rails contributor.

- Guillermo Iguaran, Lead developer